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Finding the opportunities in Asian Private Equity

13 July, 2016 l New York City

The 2016 AVCJ USA Forum, took place on July 13 and gathered over 150 private equity professionals from Asia and North America in New York to examine and debate why Asia is an appealing destination for foreign investors and the correct deployment strategies. Attendees from 113 companies across 11 countries contributed to this lively and interactive forum.

As is tradition with the forum, we looked in-depth at the regions and sectors across Asia highlighting the opportunities and challenges. We featured a number of country specific case studies allowing a deeper dive into these parts of the region and the LP panel this year focused on the realities of investing in Asian private equity and how a long term commitment to the region is important for returning alpha.

Our opening panel focused on how you navigate the Asian landscape and featured Mark Chiba from The Longreach Group, Robert Petty from Clearwater Capital Partners, Jan Ståhlberg, from EQT and Hemal Mirani from Harbourvest partners (Asia) sharing their views on how to deliver in value in turbulent times.




Why joined us?


Topics to be covered at AVCJ USA include:


Which markets and sectors are providing the best opportunities in the current landscape?


Can US investors access top managers from outside the region? How do you compete against large institutional investors?


Which exit strategies are delivering the best returns?


How is the cross-border phenomenon developing and how do you deal with post-deal integration?


How should a US investor justify Asian allocations to its investment committee?



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