Asia's place in the global private equity portfolio

9 July, 2015 l New York City

2014 was a great year for investors in Asian private equity and venture capital funds. Asian firms achieved an estimated US$63.7 billion worth of exits during the year. In the mature markets of Australia, Japan and South Korea, with their established platforms performed particularly well. The record-breaking listing of the Alibaba Group and several other IPOs also reaffirmed Chinas' status as the promised land for venture capital investors. Although India and Southeast Asia were a bit less active, they also accounted for a number of attractive exits and continue to establish their place within the Asian private equity ecosystem.

It is therefore no surprise that 2015 has started with an air of optimism. On a macro level, while the Chinese economy may be slowing, the new focus on quality growth has opened up numerous opportunities for experienced GPs. Likewise, several Asian governments have implemented new reforms and regulatory changes that will positively impact private equity.

Despite the competition from their US and European counterparts, top performing Asian GPs with their stellar track records and expertise, continue to be highly sought after by experienced LPs, who believe that Asia is an essential part of a global private equity portfolio. Indeed, these LPs continue to build their Asian programs alongside the invested GPs with co-investment and separate accounts becoming more and more prevalent.

Now in its 10th year, the AVCJ Private Equity & Venture Forum USA will continue to provide American LPs and GPs a thorough annual update on the Asian private equity market, focusing on the opportunities, trends and pitfalls to avoid. Join some of Asia's most successful fund managers as they share their views on the market and give reasons why Asia is, and will remain, an important part of a diversified global private equity portfolio.


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Infographic from 2014:

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